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To enhance an empathy for animals and wonder about the natural world in children to help conservation for the next generation.
Friday, 19 April, 2024

I currently have two children's graphic novels under submission with my agent, Anna Olswanger. 

Both are animal-only stories.

I grew up loving animals stories, so writing and illustrating these came naturally to me, but these stories are include real-life historical characters - the first, Mary Anning, a young girl who ended up discovering the first massive ichthyosaur fossil on the shores of Lyme Regis in England.  The other places American investigative journalist Nellie Bly on the Captain Nemo's Nautilus. 

Both stories have broader themes - Mary's discoveries led to the first realization that animals could go extinct.  Nellie's story challenges the notion that nature is something to be conquered and possessed. It recognizes that individual animals and animal groups have their own agencies - and in turn, should be respected as such. Principles such as these have important implications for how we make decisions for conservation as well as for how we should view our own human societies.