"The natural world is mysterious and beautiful. I will do whatever I can to protect and reveal its delights. "

I have a long and varied experiences working in conservation including working directly wildlife rehabilitation, creating educational material for conservation non-profits,  volunteering at educational fairs, and consciously creating works that aim of strengthen the viewers committments to love and care for
the natural world.

I also currently have two children's book ideas under submission with my literary agent, Anna Olswanger. Both books have all animal characters.  One involves the historical period where it was first realized that animals could become extinct. 


Conservation Projects & Causes

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Endangered Wildlife -  | Krister Eide

Endangered Wildlife

With my artwork, I educate school children and community groups about endangered wildlife - in addition to giving them ways to help. 

I support grassroots non-profit organizations directly involved in supporting endangered species. 

For the Cascade Fox, it's Cascades Carnivore - a group that also has been involved with monitoring the return of wolverines to Washington and Canada lynx. 

For birds, my work will support local Audubon societies like Pilchuck Audubon that has instrumental in preserving an important structure for Vaux swift roosting on their long migration...

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Children's Books -  | Krister Eide

Children's Books

I currently have two children's graphic novels under submission with my agent, Anna Olswanger. 

Both are animal-only stories.

I grew up loving animals stories, so writing and illustrating these came naturally to me, but these stories are include real-life historical characters - the first, Mary Anning, a young girl who ended up discovering the first massive ichthyosaur fossil on the shores of Lyme Regis in England.  The other places American investigative journalist Nellie Bly on the Captain Nemo's Nautilus. 

Both stories have broader themes - Mary's discoveries led to...

Audubon - Bird Conservation and Education

My conservation work also includes paintings and educational materials to increase awareness of the remarkable birds and wildlife. I have a special interests also in animal cooperation and intelligence and biodiversity. 

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Wildlife Rehabilitation  -  | Krister Eide

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Since 2017,  I've been involved in grassroots wildlife rehabilitation and conservation programs. Sometimes animals that arrive in the center are too sick or injured to help, but many are able to be released and still others become animal ambassadors to move and educate humans to protect the wilderness and all that live in it.