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"I  rely  on  the  power  of  reduction - the realistic depiction of animals and people on a dark background emphasizes the irdignity and l ends each work an aura of intimacy and presence . The accentuation of every detail in the portrait, whether in the texture of the furor the depth of the gaze, serves to create a direct connection with the viewer. It is the immediacy that not only reinforces respect for the uniqueness of each creature, but also sparks a silent conversation between the work and the viewer.  "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

I find my inspiration while traveling and in my interactions with people who are passionate about preserving our environment. This dialog with the world shapes my artistic vision and feeds into the mes such as environmental protection and habitat conservation. My aim is to contribute to the protection of nature through artistic representation, which I express so vividly in my work. I invite my audience to capture the essence of my works, to discover the stories behind each composition and to be moved by the power and truth inherent in them. My aim is to create an inner echo that resonates with the audience and motivates them to protect what we al hold dear - life in all its forms. 

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