"Supporting AFC's mission: To support wildlife and habitat conservation and environmental education through art that celebrates nature. "

Whitney in the past couple of years has primarily has been focused on African endangered species. Partnering with several individuals in South Africa for reference material as well as supporting an eco based safari company in Tanzania, she gives a percentage of her profits to support the local people as well as continuing to give back to wildlife conservation and preservation with the sales of her endangered wildlife artwork.
Whitney has begun a new series title "Vanishing Wildlife" and is in discussion with the Smithsonian Institute as well as working locally with  the Hitchock Woods Foundation, on  a collective group of artist work of endangered species around the world.

Conservation Projects & Causes

Zoo New England art committee member

Zoo New England dedicated to conservation through education and park exhibits. Helping to broaden the scope of genetics and biodiversity within the exhibits by partnering with MIT and Harvard university. Whitney will work with the other board members on unique programs though art classes, exhibits, and programs to educate the public about our conservation efforts.