The Artist

"“It’s not enough to create beautiful art. For me it’s about making a difference, using my art as a voice for those who do not have one.” "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

I am primarily a self-taught artist. Most recently I came back to my artwork after a spinal accident in 2012, which allowed me to finally work full-time on my artwork. I have made great strides to catch myself up after a long hiatus, and decided to go back to school to hone my abilities. I was accepted into the Tufts University Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. I felt I needed to sharpen up my eye in commercial field where I worked on my Illustration and Graphic Design skills, in the effort to provide some stability. Animals have always featured prominently from an early start in my subjects, having grown up watching nature shows and living a life filled with animals, it was a natural progression for me to want to paint them. I wanted to become a veterinarian but realizing quickly my math skills were sorely lacking, thankfully my artistic gene kicked in and I knew that would be the solution! Having a mother who was a watercolor artist it was natural that I utilize that medium and her tutelage, Although I have since encompassed a variety of other mediums including digital, pastels, graphite and oils. I think I will always fall back on watercolors and pastels. My primary focus is on African endangered wildlife species as well as equine art. I donate a percentage of my profits to multiple organisations. My most recent venture is a new series called "Vanishing Wildlife" I am working in both Oils and Pastels for this series, with the hopes to amass a collection large enough to have a traveling exhibit.

Recent Artwork