Madagascar - Creatures of the Night IV

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Madagascar - Creatures of the Night IV

6.00" H x 20.00" W
Acrylic (on Baltic birch panel)
Cat-eyed Snake (and mosquito)
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“This painting is part of a series about my experiences during night walks through the wilds of Madagascar, a biodiversity hotspot and global conservation priority. Some might question my decision to walk about in a strange ‘tsingy’-covered landscape; but to do so after dark, and then descend into an even darker place – a cave – might have pushed common sense to the limit. With a headlamp as my only light source, this particular walk brought me in contact with this Cat-eyed snake. If you look closely, you might also notice the common mosquito that was ‘dining’ on the solitary reptile. This may not be the most dramatic example of predator on predator interaction, but it does illustrate my assertion that there is always more to see if we stop and take a closer look. Many people enjoy spending time in nature, but I wonder whether we all notice the same things – and also whether the same concept applies to the way we look at art.“

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