Harpy Eagle - Portraits

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Harpy Eagle - Portraits

35.70" H x 11.00" W
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Harpy Eagle
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“This piece represents the amalgamation of my passions – drawing, experimenting with different techniques, depicting subjects up close, travelling, and birds of prey – in a unique way.

While drawing is often associated with pencil on paper, I drew onto a board toned with thin acrylic washes, then created layers using erasers and scalpels to remove pencil before applying more graphite. And, although portraits traditionally show one subject on a plain background, I combined multiple poses, sizes, and light sources, concentrating on directing the viewer’s gaze from one pose to the next.

Furthermore, spending weeks under an active Harpy Eagle nest during the AFC Expedition was an unforgettable experience, as I had always dreamed of observing the most powerful bird of prey in its natural habitat. By portraying this threatened species, I hope to increase awareness of the key role its conservation plays in the maintenance of a healthy ecosystem.

I often say that my ‘best painting’ will be my ‘next one’. Since my Harpy Eagle experience I have gained confidence to try different things, not following a ‘safe’ route. I am excited about the direction of my work and this piece is a great example of where I am heading.”

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