Awards & Achievements

  • Aug, 2018

    David’s painting receives a Medal of Excellence award during the 2018 “Artists for Conservation” festival”.  His painting “Cordón Sanitario" 24” x 42” (Acrylic on Baltic birch)  This award-winning piece depicts some of the species David observed during a reference-gathering trip to a protected UNESCO sight in Mexico.  (gull, pelican, iguana, whales and shark pup)

  • Nov, 2017

    Another of David’s paintings receives a Medal of Excellence award.  Dduring the 2017 “Artists for Conservation” festival”, his painting “The Web of Life”,  19” x 39” (Acrylic on Baltic Birch)won the honour.  This award winning conservation minded piece features species from some of the places visited by David throughout the world.


  • Sep, 2016

    September 2016     David’s painting receives a “Best-in-Show” award during the 2016 “Artists for Conservation” festival”.  “Piece Keepers”  25” x 33” (Acrylic on Baltic Birch).  This award winning piece depicts a series of species found from the floor through to the top of the canopy of the Panamanian rainforest and includes a member of the Embera tribe David still continues to work with.

  • Feb, 2016

    David's "Red-Lored Parrot" image receives an award in the International Artist magazine Challenge #83 "Wildlife" competition.

  • Sep, 2014

    David's "Jewels of Madagascar" painting receives another Medal of Excellence during the 2014 "Artists for Conservation" Festival.

  • Jun, 2014

    "Pink Sunset (Flamingo)" receives Honourable Mention in the Art Renewal Center (ARC) 2013/2014 International Salon Competition.

  • Jun, 2014

    “Harpy Eagle - Talons” is selected as a finalist in the International Artist magazine Challenge #75 “Wildlife” competition.

  • Mar, 2013

    David receives AFC Conservation Artist of the Month award.  The award's intention is to celebrate artists' commitment and contribution to the AFC's mission.

  • Feb, 2010

    David's "Madagascar - Creatures of the Night I" is awarded a MEDAL OF EXCELLENCE in the 2010 "The Art of Conservation - An International Exhibit of Nature in Art" show.  Furthermore, his "Harpy Eagle (Chick) Montage" piece is also juried into the prestigious exhibition.