David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

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Founded by David Shepherd CBE in 1984, to channel his wildlife conservation efforts. David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) is an effective and emphatic wildlife conservation charity operating across Africa and Asia to end wildlife crime and protect endangered species in their natural habitat.
Thursday, 2 January, 2025

DSWF works resolutely to fund ground-based conservation projects with our partners across Africa and Asia, working to protect endangered species. By addressing real-world problems with real-world solutions, we have influenced policy, shifted attitudes, and provided an unwavering voice for wildlife conservation from grassroots to the world stage, since 1984.

Recognising the complex issues facing the environment, DSWF adopts a holistic approach to conservation:

By acknowledging the essential role that communities and education play, on the ground and at international policy level, DSWF has created a conservation model built to ensure conservation success and long-term environmental sustainability.