"Endangered Inks cares because endangered leads to extinction. We need to protect our environments from the scale and devastating effects humans have on our natural habitats and the increase in human-animal conflicts that results in nature losing. ‘The decisions we make now will influence the future of animals, humanity and indeed all life on earth’ Sir David Attenborough "

Currently Endangered Inks supports:

  • David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation in Kafue National Park, Zambia
  • The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, supporting elephants
  • Achieved supporting solar powered water holes in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe


Conservation Projects & Causes

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Endangered Wildlife Trust

Although Africa’s carnivores are celebrated and attract tourists from all over, they face grave threats and are among the most Endangered mammals in Africa. The Endangered Wildlife Trust conserves southern Africa’s carnivores by reducing threats to their survival and protecting and restoring their habitats.


Africa’s carnivores are highly celebrated by almost all cultures and attract tourists from all over the world. However, these animals are also in great danger. The main threats they face are habitat destruction and loss of safe spaces in which they are not impacted or...

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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

DSWF works resolutely to fund ground-based conservation projects with our partners across Africa and Asia, working to protect endangered species. By addressing real-world problems with real-world solutions, we have influenced policy, shifted attitudes, and provided an unwavering voice for wildlife conservation from grassroots to the world stage, since 1984.

Recognising the complex issues facing the environment, DSWF adopts a holistic approach to conservation:

Fighting wildlife crime Protecting endangered species Engaging with local communities

By acknowledging the essential...