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"My inspiration for drawing is endangered wildlife. My hope, my artwork brings joy to an owner with the knowledge their INK supports conservation. "
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An adventurer, animal lover and ENDANGERED INKS founding artist, I am currently based between the UK and France with my two Great Danes, Madison & Digby. Over the last twenty years professionally I have channeled my creative interest into a successful career in marketing, specialising in luxury tourism with prestigious brands, as well as other interests in coin design, advertising and charities. 

Being very fortunate that my work has taken me all over the world leaving my footprints in Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia and USA. Drawing and painting resigned to being a personal hobby during this period, sharing my work with close family and friends. I decided to focus full time on reconnecting with my drawing when I unearthed boxes of old photographs I’d taken whilst living in Africa, sifting through I realised many of the animals in my  photographs are now classed as endangered, their numbers shrinking at an alarming rate. This realisation led me to want to support conservation using my art, leading to establishing in 2020 ENDANGERED INKS.

My signature style is pen and ink, mixed with coloured pastels or a watercolour wash or both, I like to create realistic detail using a technique of dots, dashes, stippling, scribbling and a wash, creating a unique work of art to capture the emotion in the animal I'm drawing, which I now call an 'INK'.I hope you enjoy my style and always love feedback to continue to improve my skills and thank you for your interest.

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