Bird Strike Prevention
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To raise funds through the sale of archival, open edition prints and greetings cards.
Saturday, 6 April, 2019

The Squamish Environment Society is leading an initiative to have Squamish certified as a Bird Friendly City under Nature Canada’s certification program. This certification requires that a bird action committee work with its municipality to reduce threats to birds; promote habitat protection, restoration, and climate resiliency; and provide community outreach and education.


Birds, like most wildlife, are battling many threats to their survival each and every day. Due to threats like cities full of glass, habitat loss, invasive species, roaming cats, off-leash dogs, disease and poisons, bird populations and biodiversity are in a frightening decline. In Canada, window collisions kill 16 to 42 million birds a year. Homes in Canada account for 90% of such deaths.