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Bird Strike Prevention
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Through the sale of a small limited edition print series, I pledge to donate 20% of the proceeds to Squamish Environment Society in support of their Bird Friendly campaign.
Wednesday, 2 July, 2025

Due to increasing development in Squamish and the popularity of glass paneling on new buildings, wild birds are more at risk. Feather Friendly dot decals are applied to glass railing panels. These black dots help make the panels more visible to birds approaching from both sides. The dots are spaced about 5 cm apart, the maximum distance that most birds wouldn’t attempt to fly through.


In Canada, window collisions kill 16 to 42 million birds a year. Homes in Canada account for 90% of such deaths. In an effort to reduce this impact in Squamish, our volunteers completed a survey in fall 2022 to identify a site where there was a significant number of bird deaths because of collisions with glass. We were able to get permission from property owners to treat glass panels in window railings and nearby glass structures at a site where we found several birds dead because of collisions. We received a grant and allocated it to purchase suitable materials and a Grade 7 science class from École Les Aiglons completed some test panels. Installation of the deterrents was scheduled for the spring (2023), because the materials must be applied in conditions above 10° C.