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"The expressive nature of watercolour makes it a perfect medium to explore weather patterns and the atmosphere and light, so unique to the Pacific Northwest coast. Once the framework for my compositions are established, through pencil drawing, brush and ink sketching and photography, I approach the painting with freedom. Beginning with a series of gestural brush marks, I proceed through 3 stages, adding just enough definition to evoke a clear essence of the place and my experience of it. More recently, I have shifted my focus from observer/ painter of familiar scenes to a more intimate interpretation of it. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Since moving to Canada in 2000, I’ve balanced a career in animated film and television as an environment designer and art director, with my teaching and mentoring commitments and an ongoing art practice. At the end of 2022 I stepped back from my animation career to dedicate more time to teaching, traveling and painting. 

The natural environment around my home in Squamish, BC has been a rich and constant source of inspiration for my paintings. 

Challenges to wildlife, forests and oceans are global. I’m keen to connect and collaborate with national and international artists working on similar themes. Artists often need rigour and isolation to make the work, but I find the stimulation of travel, research and sharing ideas with artist friends is a vital part of the development process.

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