"In my artistic pursuit, I aspire to unveil the captivating beauty inherent in the creatures that share our world. Through keen observation, I strive to immortalize their personalities and spirits, capturing the essence of their gaze and behaviors.   "

Manon Bentley channels her passion for wildlife into meaningful support for Wildlife Protection Associations. At special events, she generously donates wildlife drawings to raise funds, with all proceeds directed to the chosen organization. Notably, Manon has contributed her art to the Anti-Poaching Team known as "SPOTS" (Strategic Protection Of Threatened Species) in South Africa, actively participating in their mission to safeguard Rhinoceros from poachers.

Her commitment extends to local initiatives as well, where she has provided art for Silent Auctions organized by the University of Fraser Valley's Wildlife Protection Club. As an engaged member of the Chilliwack Blue Heron Sanctuary, Manon contributes to the sanctuary's conservation efforts. Additionally, she has undertaken commissions, producing striking drawings of Wild Sheep for a Silent Auction hosted by the Wild Sheep Society of Canada.

Rooted in the natural splendor surrounding her home in Cultus Lake, BC, Manon's drawings bear the imprint of this rich environment. The diverse and vibrant wildlife that graces her daily life fuels an unceasing wellspring of inspiration, allowing her to create art that not only captivates but also contributes meaningfully to the protection of the natural world she so dearly cherishes.


                  Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

Conservation Projects & Causes

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Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Raincoast’s wolf initiatives are working towards shifting the provincial management of gray wolves away from a poorly-informed and exploitation-based model to one that respects the welfare of wolves and their important role in functioning ecosystems. Our ultimate goal is to end the killing of wolves in British Columbia for the purposes of predator control, trophy, and perceived competition for shared prey.