Hailing from the picturesque Province of Quebec in Canada, Manon's artistic odyssey began in the early days of her childhood. A natural-born artist, she found inspiration through her deep-seated passion for animals. From the tender age when most children merely scribble, Manon could be found creating art in her school books and on her desk, losing herself for hours in the enchanting world of animals.

Her artistic journey took root in the rich soil of inspiration provided by the renowned Canadian artist, Robert Bateman. His work served as a guiding star, and Manon harbored a dream – a dream to wield her artistic prowess with the same finesse and grace as her idol.

However, Manon's artistic aspirations temporarily took a back seat, as career and family responsibilities demanded her attention. It wasn't until her retirement in 2018, that the universe conspired to rekindle the flame within her creative soul.

In a heartwarming gesture, Manon's eldest son gifted her a set of pastels, ushering in a new chapter of self-discovery. With a gentle nudge from her son, she embraced the opportunity to cultivate a new hobby. The initial strokes on the canvas of retirement unfolded, leading Manon back to her artistic groove. Before long, she found herself not only creating captivating pet commissions for friends and family but also yearning to explore the mesmerizing world of wildlife.

A thirst for knowledge drove Manon to delve into the intricacies of Canadian wildlife, with a specific focus on the avian and mammalian treasures residing in her adopted home of British Columbia. Nestled by the shores of Cultus Lake, surrounded by the lush embrace of a breathtaking rainforest, Manon discovered a canvas teeming with life. Her artistic pursuits became a symphony, harmonizing with the diverse and vibrant wildlife that graced her immediate surroundings.

Manon's art is more than just a visual feast; it's a narrative that captures the very essence of her subjects. Through the expressive gaze of their eyes, she endeavors to immortalize the personality and character of each creature. Her art transcends mere representation; it is a heartfelt attempt to foster a connection between the viewer and the natural wonders she so passionately portrays.

In her idyllic haven at Cultus Lake, British Columbia, Manon's mission extends beyond creating beautiful artwork. It is a crusade to awaken people to the inherent beauty that surrounds us – not just in nature but also in the enchanting beings that share this world with us.