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Working in rural communities of Narok, Kenya
Create Conservation Project/Cause - Working in rural communities of Narok, Kenya | Chloe Donovan
Based in Narok County, surrounding the legendary Masai Mara, VetAid Kenya provides invaluable veterinary support to Maasai pastoralists. With a focus on preventative healthcare, such as immunisation programs, parasite control and education, they have a big impact on livestock health and welfare, and therefore sustainable farming and business. I spent a few weeks with their team, getting to see first-hand the impact their work has on local communities and the animals that are at their hearts.
Tuesday, 1 March, 2016

Whilst attached to VetAid I spoke to many families around Narok to collect data for my undergraduate research project about the veterinary challenges of raising livestock in the Mara. The voices of communities in such remote areas are not often heard in academic research, and there was little published data to tell what problems they faced, and therefore what solutions were needed. ​

With human-wildlife conflict so often being a major threat to endangered species, it is vital that research is conducted to highlight what the origins of conflict are, and what can be done to allow humans and wildlife to live in harmony.

Having spent the majority of my post-graduate career in production animal medicine I understand the importance of sustainable farming practices and herd health planning. Many common losses (whether in terms of mortality or low thrift) are preventable, and so VetAid's assistance in providing preventative health care to livestock is vital to optimise productivity, welfare, and to help put food on the table. ​

The administration of deworming products, as we are doing in the photo, is just one of these critically important measures to minimise losses.