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"I work in oil paint, which I love for their soft and luminescent qualities. By getting hands on with animals in my vet work I can study not only their appearance and anatomy but also the way they feel - from the velvety coat of a Margay to the hard wrinkles of a Rhino. I want to portray those textures as accurately I can, so that I can share my experiences with viewers of my artworks - and bring the wild right to your home. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

I'm Chloë Donovan, a veterinary surgeon and animal artist based in South East England. 

In my role as a veterinarian I have had the privilege of working closely with all kinds of animals across the world. I have had the immense pleasure of seeing wild animals in their natural environment, and learned of their struggles first hand. So far my work has taken me all over the globe, from the sun-soaked coast of Costa Rica, to the untamed rainforests of Madagascar and the frozen peaks of Nepal. My goal is to use my art to tell the stories of the animals I meet along the way, to bring you into their wild environments and make you feel as if you’ve met them too.

Presently I am working on a series that represents all the major biomes of our incredible planet, in a celebration of biodiversity. So often in wildlife art animals are represented divorced from their natural habitats, which I find ironic given the catastrophic impact of habitat destruction on populations. It is important to me to represent animals within their environments, as one cannot exist without the other. For anyone who has had the privilege of encountering their favourite species in the wild I have no doubt that you will treasure a holistic memory of the experience.

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