"For many years I have supported a variety of bird related conservation efforts. In 2015 my husband and I initiated a crowd funding campaign for the Kakapo, the New Zealand flightless night parrot. These birds, currently 250 survive, are critically endangered. We managed to raise $NZ33,000, a helpful amount but fortunately the birds have many other supporters. I have also supported efforts in Costa Rica to ensure the survival of various Macaw species and fund raising efforts for Australian Numbats, Bilby’s  and the Orange Bellied Parrot. Since 2012 all my work has promoted the message that all individuals who make up the natural world should be offered respect and accorded their undisturbed space.   "

Please support the amazing work being done by,   < >   in their efforts to ensure the survival of this magnificent and critically endangered parrot.

Conservation Projects & Causes

Fat Tailed Dunnart

There are 19 sub-species of Dunnart's Australia, they are small and tough but of course very vulnerable to predators, land clearing and rapidly changing climate.   Please suppport < > this dedicated hard working group doing their best for species survival.