Ken Meyer

Ken holds a BFA from the University of Arizona and has been working as a professional 3D animator in Vancouver, Canada since 1999.  His career requires a vast understanding of anatomy and movement which he taps into for his sculptural works.  The beauty of the medium of the bronze is that it allows him to capture a single moment in the lives of these creatures from multiple perspectives, all while providing a durable piece that invites and encourages human interaction.

Ken set out on his sculpture practice creating clay character maquettes in the development process of his animated short films.  From here he developed mold making, casting, and metal fabrication skills which opened the door to a myriad of sculptural media.  Ken’s current works are in bronze, concrete, stoneware, steel, and wood.

Ken currently lives on Vancouver Island, Canada splitting his time between working as an animator for the feature film industry, producing fine artwork, and exploring the Canadian wilderness.

Support for Conservation: 

As a figurative sculptor focusing on endangered animals, I dedicate a percentage of sales from each piece sold to organizations that support species recovery.  My recent work includes Burrowing Owls, Woodland Caribou, House Sparrows, Vancouver Island Marmots, Steller Sea Lions, Badgers, and Spotted Owls.  As I exhibit these pieces, both online and in situ, I directly link to the conservation groups key to the support of the animals themselves.  This creates a call to action for the viewers so they, too, can make a difference.