My artistic universe is animal and more particularly concerns animals in danger, in danger of extinction, or in total decline. This is what made me want to express myself artistically and to make people aware of the preservation of nature, animals and the environment.
As one of the oldest, animal art puts animals in importance through drawing, or painting. For thousands of years, it has been used on both sides by renowned artists for several reasons. How important is it? 
Animal art is also used as a tool of awareness to denounce the extinction of several animals. Through exhibitions in museums, several artists have made use of them to draw attention to the imminent disappearance of certain species. This has led to greater protection for certain animals.

Preferring «acrylic» which I consider as a «rich and spontaneous painting», I never hesitate to mix and discover the techniques and play with the colors. 
I imagine endangered animals as perfect symbols of the harmful impact of human beings on our planet.

My Passion and Commitment………… For 30 years
Extinction is for… always!

Lucie Theroux