"The wildlife of the 21st century is under the severe threat posed by a growing modern human population with many going extinct. I hope to bring more love and care to nature through my art by exposing all its delicate beauty. "


Chairman’s Reserve, the award-winning rums, is excited to reveal the 1st edition of its Eco series, a special Chairman’s Reserve collector’s item that marries the brilliant art of Daniel Jean-Baptiste with the finest Saint Lucian Rum.

This unique, handcrafted rum blend combines aged Pot Still and Column Still rums. With its amber colour, the pot's still richness comes through on the nose with sweet, honeyed fruit and spicy vanilla from the oak.

This limited edition celebrates the resplendent beauty and rarity of Saint Lucian Parrot (Amazona Versicolor) as framed by renowned local artist Daniel Jean Baptiste. The population of the parrot is around two thousand birds and is reliant on the preservation of the Saint Lucian rainforest which is its natural habitat.

With the sale of every bottle of this edition EC$, 5.00 will be donated to the study and protection of this species so that future generations can enjoy the glory and majesty of Saint Lucia’s only parrot. As part of this initiative, St. Lucia distillers has partnered with former Forest Ranger Adams Toussaint who is a passionate advocate for ecological conservation and was part of the original drive to preserve the parrot in the 1970s. Adams has built a fabulous reserve in the heart of the rainforest which contains a hide so the public can view the parrot undisturbed in its natural habitat.

Currently available in Saint Lucia and select European markets.