Exposed II

Exposed II | Wallhanging by Monica Gewurz | Artists for ConservationExposed II | Wallhanging by Monica Gewurz | Artists for ConservationExposed II | Wallhanging by Monica Gewurz | Artists for Conservation

Exposed II

30.00" H x 36.00" W
Acrylic (acrylic paints, gels, natural pigments, metallic paints, upcycled textiles, paper sand and )
Mixed media abstraction messaging climate change in this case melting of the tundra
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Artist will donate 5% to Nature Trust of British Columbia from sale of this work.
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$2,700 USD

My art is inspired by the west coast of British Columbia, Canada, and my travels. Drawing on my background in science, I create evocative, luminous and purposely imperfect paintings inspired by nature’s patinas and the colours of dusk.

 I use texture for its capacity to reach a tactile and tangible process. I curate combinations of materials and techniques to abstract reality, telling a story to elicit an aesthetic and emotional response. To experience this, the viewer must enter the layers and textures of my work, and be seduced into a visual and visceral encounter – a holistic meeting of minds, inspiring self-discovery and mindfulness.


Because of my science background, I sometimes aim to communicate via my art the main issues pertaining to the environment: such as climate change, plastic pollution and our large carbon footprint, to invite dialogue and discussion.

This ethereal imagined landscape of Exposed II was inspired by the patterns and colours when copper oxidizes which I emulated in the painting.

 It was also created with the idea to use art to raise awareness of the effect of the permafrost rapid melting in the tundra due to increased temps due to climate change.

 In it I used unusual textures to develop a 3-D effect, blurring the line between painting and sculpture inviting the viewer to touch it.  Visually impaired people are also rewarded as they can experience art in a non-traditional way via touch.

Exposed shows how I integrate opaque and translucent mediums and natural and man-made re-purposed materials including upcycled textile, paper, and actual copper patinas. Exposed 2 features an earthy, palette one of my favourites using colours found in nature. I enjoy very much also using natural pigments both mineral and plant based.

The opaque painted layers are mainly created by laying them down thick and thin, scraping them, adding more, then removing areas allowing some parts to come through and some to be hidden until I feel that I get the same response as what I had observed in real life.

To create the atmospheric effect, I used multiple thin veils/layers of colour which are overlapped to create colour-fields allowing each colour to express its own meaning. It is the combination of the overlaying process that creates the highly textured and luminous final image

  An overarching unique feature of my paintings is that the composition changes with both the position of light during the day and the position of the viewer. Hence, I encourage you to view my paintings in this show in person where you will notice that the painting becomes lighter or darker depending on where one stands.

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