"My passion for my subjects is the cornerstone of all of my artistic endeavors. My goal as an artist has always been to use my talent to give a voice to the many suffering animals who don’t have one. I’m hoping that my art will elicit empathy, compassion and understanding of these beautiful creatures God has created. "

One of the most poignant memories in my travels to see and study my subjects was an encounter in Kenya. As we were driving in search for subjects to photograph, off in the distance we heard the cries of a baby Elephant. As we approached the scene we saw the baby’s dead mother laying below her, the tusks violently extracted from her head. The cries of the baby were so frantic, sorrowful and gut wrenching, it broke the hearts of all who witnessed it. At that moment I decided to use my artistic talent to help these big, sensitive, amazing animals. One of the conservation organizations I embrace is ElephantVoices, an organization that acts as a voice for these gentle giants. 

Conservation Projects & Causes


ElephantVoices uses knowledge acquired over decades to act as a voice for elephants. In the wild, ivory poaching, destruction of habitat, competition with people for diminishing resources, sport hunting, culling and capture, all threaten the freedom and survival of elephants. In captivity, their well-being is affected by abusive practices and exploitation for commercial gain. Through Conservation, Advocacy, Research and Education, CARE, we promote the protection and kinder treatment of elephants wherever they may be. As acknowledged experts on the natural behavior of elephants we offer...