Gabrielle Matlock is an internationally collected artist who expresses her passion for wildlife through realistic and soulful portrayals. Her artistic ability and love of animals was first revealed at the age of 10 when she did a crayon drawing of her siamese kittens. 


What followed were years of research and collecting reference of the creatures that captured her interest and intrigue. During this time she had the privilege of spending much time around many species of wild animals. By observation Gabrielle learned much about these animals and quickly appreciated the uniqueness, similarities and differences in each of them. 


In her early artistic work graphite was the medium of choice for many years until the discovery and refinement of the skill of using colored pencil on wood. The characteristics of wood such as the color, knot holes and irregular shapes impacts the use of the pencil creating unique challenges with every work of art. Unlike mixing paint, pencils have to be layered to create the different colors. Figuring out which colors to layer in what order to create a certain color is a science in itself. The ability to get the richest detail with pencil and the uniqueness of the wood motivated me to pursue and refine the potentials of this medium. The one drawback was the amount of time it took to create a work of art; in terms of marketing, it was impossible to recoup the cost of her time so painting was the next logical step. 


 Through the many years of drawing Gabrielle learned the basics of composition, value and  perspective. This education and experience catapulted her use of paint. In her oil painting she is able to manipulate and use the brush to create the detail and realism that is the hallmark of her work. 


For several years she traveled to Montana to take workshops from the best wildlife artists of our time. Robert Bateman, Daniel Smith, Lee Cable, Terry Isaac and Carl Brenders are a few of the artists with which she had personal instruction. Her work has been shown in many noteworthy shows including the National Zoo Show in Washington, DC and Houston Safari Club and Dallas Safari Club.


“Through my art I hope to educate people about the magnificence of these creatures and to promote awareness and appreciation for them. As an artist, my gift is to bring out the soul and essence of my subjects. It’s the beauty, emotion & sensitivity in animals that moves me.”


Through her artistic skills Gabrielle wants do more than paint wonderful images… she wants to ignite a spark of compassion and understanding that will ultimately save endangered animals from extinction. 


Gabrielle is a member of Oil Painters of America, the International Guild of Realism and Artists For Conservation.