Tasmanian Masked Owl - Mokulito

Tasmanian Masked Owl - Mokulito | Wallhanging by Patricia Martin | Artists for Conservation

Tasmanian Masked Owl - Mokulito

21.00cm H x 21.00cm W
Lithograph (hand colored) (Mokulito : Japanese wood-lithography)
Year Completed:
ptor, rare, endangered, threatened-species, Tasmanian-wildlife, Australia, tasmania, wilderness
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Artist will donate 10% to Birdlife Australia from sale of this work.
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The Tasmanian Masked Owl (Tyto novaehollandiae castanops) is a subspecies of Masked Owl which occurs only in Tasmania. Its population has been estimated to comprise approximately 500 breeding pairs. It is a large bird with a mask-like facial disc and distinctive husky, screeching call. The Tasmanian Masked Owl hunts at night for small mammals and birds in a range of habitats which contain some mature forest, usually below 600 m altitude - these include native forests and woodlands as well as agricultural areas with a mosaic of native vegetation and pasture. Birds pair for life, occupying a permanent territory and relying on hollows in old-growth trees for nesting and roosting. The main threats to the Tasmanian Masked Owl are clearing of nesting/roosting and foraging habitat (particularly tree hollows), secondary poisoning, and competition with other bird and mammal species for the limited number of suitable nesting hollows.​​​​ (https://www.threatenedspecieslink.tas.gov.au/Pages/Masked-Owl-(Tasmanian).aspx)

The Tasmanian masked owl  is a bird in the barn owl family Tytonidae that is endemic to the island state of Tasmania, Australia. It is the largest subspecies of the Australian masked owl, the largest Tyto owl in the world  (Wikipedia).


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mokulito owlet | Lithograph Print (signed/numbered) 2 21.00cm H x 21.00cm W $60.00 USD

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