Baby platypus (Australian monotreme : Ornithorhynchus anatinus)

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Baby platypus (Australian monotreme : Ornithorhynchus anatinus)

21.00cm H x 30.00cm W
Drypoint ( print+ watercolour, on quality archival art-paper)
Year Completed:
wildlife Australian, Tasmanian, Platypus, Monotreme (egg-laying mammals)
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Artist will donate 25% to Tasmanian Land Conservancy, from sale of this work.
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$120 USD

The Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) has a fleshy bill resembling that of a duck, dense fur, webbed feet, and a broad flattened tail. called also duck-billed platypus It is a unique Australian mammal species. Along with echidnas (Australia's spiny 'ant-eaters'), Platypuses are grouped in a separate order of mammals known as monotremes, which are distinguished from all other mammals because they lay eggs. Platypus make their home in and near freshwater creeks, slow-moving rivers, lakes joined by rivers, and built water storages such as farm dams. They build a simple burrow in a river bank, just above water level and often among a tangle of tree roots.
I have been thrilled to see many Platypuses over time, mainly swrimming across the surface of quiet, deep, freshwater ponds on bushy farmland in Tasmania.

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baby platypus (Australian monotreme) | Drypoint Print (signed/numbered) 10 21.00cm H x 30.00cm W x 0.10cm D $250.00 USD

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