Tasmania's 'living fossils' - the velvet-worm species

Tasmania's rare and endangered velvet worms, 'living fossils' ( Phylum Onychophora, meaning 'claw-bearers')  are featured in an echibition of Threatened Species (of Tasmania) in an art exhibition (July-August 2022) -

Tasmania's Threatned Species

The Miena Jjewel Beetle (Castiarina insculpta) and Simson's Stag Beetle (Hoplogonus simsoni) are two rare and endangered insect species that exist only in a few remote places in Tasmania. They featured recently in an art exhibition featuring Tasmania's Threatened Species at the Wildislandtasmania Gallery, Hobart, Tas,mania (

Tasmanian wildlife exhibition

Tasmania's Moonah Arts centre ( provides an excellent exhibition venue, and my wild-Tasmanian images (drypoint) were featured there in an exhibition entitled "The Egg Islands" in 2017.