The Artist

"I enjoy the great outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. This reflects in my pieces where by I strive to capture accurate realism of the animal or bird. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

I strongly believe that wildlife conservation is so important for ensuring that future generations can enjoy the natural world and all the incredible species, and help protect wildlife affected by human environmental effects.

Martyn's journey in the world of art began at a young age, working alongside his father who was a skilled furniture maker. His early exposure to shaping and carving wood sparked a passion in him for working with different mediums and styles. He went on to explore stone carving, clay modelling, and bronze casting. Martyn's interest in wildlife led him to carve birds and animals in wood, which he hand-painted to bring them to life. His skill in this area was recognized when he was acknowledged as one of the best bird carvers in Britain. Martyn's work extended to public art and outdoor pieces, where he continued to showcase his talent for creating stunning pieces in stone and wood. Eventually, Martyn and his partner Janice, who is also an artist, moved to France. There, they renovated their property and converted their barn into a working studio. The beautiful countryside of Brittany provided them with a wealth of inspiration, and they continue to create unique works of art.

Recent Artwork