Juanjo Solís is a Costa Rican artist, a nature and animal lover, with a very realistic and detailed style in different techniques, a style that has given him great recognition in visual arts field.
As a plastic artist and art teacher he has developed a great mastery of multiple techniques and materials such as oil painting, acrylic, pastel, drawing with colored pencils, graphite, charcoal, among others.
Since a very young age he showed a great interest in art, showing drawing skills, which he developed over time, drawing nature, landscapes, animals and later venturing into portraiture and the human figure.
With the passing of time, he discovered activities that filled his deepest spiritual needs, such as visiting natural sites, mountaineering, bird and wildlife watching, ecotourism, and learning about nature in general; activities that he has combined with his needs for expression through art, these being inspirational motives from his personal vision and faithful to his meticulous style, trying to represent the objects with abundant details and the maximum possible realism.
Through art he tries to express his deepest emotions of admiration and contemplation for natural beauty, while trying to send a message of conscience towards conservation and respect for all forms of life.

Support for Conservation: 

Juanjo Solís often participates voluntarily in environmental education activities, bird monitoring, in the design of educational and promotional material for such activities organized by conservation groups, nature reserves and national parks in Costa Rica.
With the sales of his artworks a percentage will be donated to support Foundation for the Development of Las Quebradas Biological Center (FUDEBIOL), located in Costa Rica.