Elisabeth Sommerville graduated from the Alberta College of Art in 1963, excelling at drawing. She moved to Vancouver and after a successful career in graphic design, she studied printmaking and found traditional stone lithography was an excellent method of using her drawing skills. Stone lithography is a laborious printmaking process, and after 20 years working at Malaspina Printmakers studio in Vancouver, she retired from it and started working in her home studio, painting with egg tempera, one of the oldest painting techniques. Elisabeth recently started using coloured pencils as a medium to render artworks with the detail and subtle shading that only drawing can produce.
Elisabeth’s Métis heritage has influenced her choice of nature and birds as subject matter. Her work is in collections in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and U.S.A.  She is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, achieving SFCA Signature Status and was recently chosen as an elected member of the Society of Canadian artists.