Bishop and the Bear

Loss of Habitat
Create Conservation Project/Cause - Loss of Habitat | Michael Ashley
As an artist depicting Nature and Wildlife I feel that I have a responsibility to raise awareness to ecosystems that have been dramatically changed by human activities causing habitat degradation and climate change. Habitat loss is the leading known cause of population decline in endangered species. I've created a series of paintings involving a homeless polar bear and his streetwise friend Bishop the dog. The series offers a surreal example of habitat loss, where as the polar bear and dog live amongst us trying to intermingle and adjust to their new surroundings. With three paintings completed, I have 3 more planned, and hopes of a book depicting the challenges that the two characters face. I feel that delivering a strong message in a gentle way through creating art is an effective way to raise awareness to this very serious and growing problem we face.
Tuesday, 1 September, 2020 to Sunday, 1 September, 2024

As an artist with a focus on nature and wildlife I feel strongly about my responsibility to raise awareness regarding our environment, loss of habitat, and endangered species through my art and creativity.

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