Forest Edge Arts

Offering Fine Art Renderings of our Wild and Natural World

Artist Michael Ashley


The Visual Arts have always offered a deep emotional and spiritual experience for myself.

To find yourself in the moment, when the creative vision flows freely, when artistic rules do not apply, and your hand follows your heart it’s like magic. It sends a chill right up your spine and nearly produces tears. Sometimes this occurs only for moments in a piece, sometimes not at all, but for the great ones I’m thinking this is a feeling throughout the creative process. Such an incredible feeling that would be. It’s the reason we take this path. When that moment sweeps you off your feet, you know this is right. I’m supposed to be here doing this, right here right now.

My inspiration as an artist and a person come from my love for the outdoors. Always seeking adventure amongst the wild beauty of our natural world. With a focus on environmental and wildlife conservation I utilize various mediums and styles to create a subtle message for the viewer, a message that offers a moment of stillness, awareness, and brings into being a desire to open your heart. 

I hope that you enjoy my work, and that it truly inspires you to take to the outdoors and find your peace, your own adventure, and your own cause to open your heart to. There is no greater artist than Mother Nature herself. Her palette is exquisite.