The Artist

"Dreaming of outdoor adventure and wildlife, I escaped my urban childhood by creating art. Mother Nature and her endless pallet has always been my source of inspiration. Early lessons at the Cleveland Museum of Art, and later the Cleveland Institute of Art, I developed an ability through the stroke of a pen or a sweep of a brush to capture nature’s voice. What I hope to offer one’s eye is a nuance and relationship that pervades one’s spirit, those subtle and elusive moments of peace, contemplation, and playfulness.  “To find yourself in the moment when your creative vision flows freely, and your hand follows your heart, it’s like magic. It’s the reason we take this path, when that moment sweeps you off your feet, you know this is right” -Michael
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Habitat loss poses the greatest threat to species. I feel very strongly that as an artist I have the responsibility to offer a voice for the voiceless through my creativity.

Recent Artwork