Taking Cover

Taking Cover | Wallhanging by Louise Saunders | Artists for ConservationTaking Cover | Wallhanging by Louise Saunders | Artists for Conservation

Taking Cover

44.00cm H x 54.00cm W
Watercolor (Watercolour on Watercolour Canvas)
Superb Fairywrens
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Artist will donate 20% to Birdlife Australia from sale of this work.
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$890 USD

Fairywrens are shy and love to disappear into dense foliage, a survival tactic. I find the males, with their stunning blue feathers, hard to photograph. They are forever disappearing when I'm about to take that perfect shot! Such small secretive birds. The females are not as shy as the males and they are often in a small group flitting around the ground or in low bushes.

I love painting on Watercolour canvas, it's so forgiving. In this painting I have combined my botanical subjects along with these tiny birds in their secret hiding place. The females are perhaps comparing the two splendid blue males as to who would make the best suitor!

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