On the Rainforest Edge

On the Rainforest Edge  | Wallhanging by Louise Saunders | Artists for Conservation

On the Rainforest Edge

50.00cm H x 58.00cm W
Watercolor (Watercolor on Watercolor paper)
Yellow-footed Antechinus, Pterostylis nutans, Viola betonicifolia
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Antechinus flavipes or the Yellow-footed Antechinus lives in thick bushland often moist ferny glades and is a native marsupial mouse in Australia. They mostly eat insects but also snack on lizards small birds and sometimes mice. The females can have up to 12 young but only have 10 teats and they cling to her pouch when they are small. The babies all live together in a nest of leaves and grasses with the mum for about a year. The males only survive one breeding season and die after a mating frenzy! 

I loved painting this scene with my favorite plants and a special little marsupial. 

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Edition Info Edition Size Dimensions Edition Price
On the Rainforest Edge | Open Edition (signed) Open 21.00cm H x 29.50cm W $45.00 USD

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