Fine Artist/Illustrator Louise is a highly successful and talented professional artist with a decorated and celebrated career. She has traveled internationally to pursue her art through residencies and expeditions and has been published in books & magazines and has worked on numerous commissions and exhibitions that has seen her artwork sold across Australia and internationally. Louise has long been a conservation artist and conservation volunteer. From 2007 until 2014 Louise was Founder and President of a busy wildlife organisation as well as a rescuer and carer of wildlife since 1994. Returning to her art in 2015 with renewed energy and commitment Louise enjoys the challenge of using a variety of mediums and tackling a diverse range of subject matter. Where her early career focused on botanical art, these days Louise paints and draws both flora and fauna. Louise was awarded the medal of the Order of Australia in June 2019 for her service to wildlife conservation and to the visual arts. This is an honour that recognizes Australian citizens for achievement or meritorious service. Louise’s Art Society memberships include the Botanical Artists Society of Australia and Queensland, the Queensland Wildlife Artist’s Society Inc, Wildlife Artist Society of Australia and the Pastel Society of Australia.

Support for Conservation: 

Since 1994 I was still practicing my art while caring for orphaned flying-fox pups. These animals were enduring persistent ignorance and cruelty so through necessity I founded a large organisation for the rescue, care and protection of flying-foxes and microbats. Bat Conservation & Rescue Queensland helps to change the lives of flying-foxes and microbats not only with rescue and care but also through education and awareness of the causes of harm such as inappropriate back yard fruit tree netting, barbed-wire, electrocution, and the appalling ignorance around viruses and diseases. It takes a superhuman effort to procure change to long held beliefs and stigmas surrounding all bat species. As President for 10 years, I had to leave my art behind as this job was so demanding of my time and I worked tirelessly to make a difference to their lives.

Thankfully another person now carries on that legacy and I returned to my art in 2014. I have donated a lot of time and works of art to conservation organisations and to art organisations by volunteering in team leader and committee positions over the years. I have donated artwork to the Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld, Humane Society International, Australian Conservation Foundation and the Australian Bat Society and other organisations.

My latest donation of artwork is based on the critically endangered Eastern Curlew which could lose a critical foraging and roosting site in Moreton Bay, Queensland to a billionaire developer. This important shoreline and wetland is listed under the International Ramsar treaty and if aproved by the Australian Federal Government it could set a disasterous precident for other migratory bird sites, not only in Australia but also overseas. The painting sold and the money raised has been donated to Birdlife Australia.

Special Achievements: 

~ Artist in Residence for 4 1/2 years at Couran Cove Island Resort, a then leading Eco resort on the Gold Coast

~ Illustration commission for the book Flying-foxes Fruit and Blossom Bats of Australia

~Travel to Borneo to prepare illustrations for a guide to the Bats of Borneo

~ Artist in Residence EcoScience Precinct Dutton Park Brisbane 2016

~ Tutor of Botanical and Natural History Art classes