I was born and raised in Colorado along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Nature and wildlife have always been my passion, as well as art. I worked as a scientific illustrator for several years, with a niche in insects. I find them fascinating with all their color, pattern, and small armored bodies. However, I find all wildlife and nature inspirational; I love the textures and colors, and the way light plays on fur and feathered. I currently live in Kansas where the Flint Hills Prairie touches the never-ending sky. It's diversity just as magnificent as the steep mountains. Every ecosystem has its own unique quality. I paint with a variety of mediums, depending on the work's intended purpose. Sometimes watercolor, sometimes gouache or casein. I tend to paint small because I'm an impatient little squirrel and need immediate gratification. I hope when I retire I can settle down and do some larger work.

Support for Conservation: 

There's not a creature on earth that doesn't deserve to be here. I have a special place in my heart for sanctuaries and rehabiliation organizations that save, restore and release (when possible) the animals we impact. I will donate 25% of any sale to conservation or rehabilitation efforts.