I believe our universe is a work of art. Chasing wild game set in pristine wildernesses all my life has taught me to appreciate the flawless design and harmony of all creation.

Inspired from nature, I started painting landscapes and game scenes when I was a child. I was rather clumsy at my hand at first, I did not give up hope and followed my passion to keep on practicing, learning and developing my style. I did not go to any art school as none was available in my area. Self-taught artist is the term I would use for myself.

I have used many canvases to express myself, sometimes by portraying the nature, sometimes by being part of it and protect it.

I like to paint using different mediums and surfaces. My large artwork is oil on canvas, while the rest is watercolour, charcoal, inks and pencils on paper and boards.

Wildlife art is my passion. This art combines observation and aesthetics to showcase the gems of nature in their natural habitats and at their best. Every painting carries behind it a lot of research and painstaking observation in the field.

Over the years I have painted many bird and animal species to portray the wildlife of Pakistan which is relatively less documented and largely unknown to the rest of the world. I have done exhibitions of my artworks with an aim to create awareness and promote the conservation of diversity of nature. I have also collaborated with different Government and non-Government organizations to take part in tree plantation and nature conservation drives.

My last exhibition was in August ’18 in collaboration with my brother Ahsan Qureshi who also shares the same passion as mine. I am planning my next wildlife art exhibition in the fall of 2022.

Department of wildlife, Govt. of Pakistan has appreciated my nature conservation efforts from time to time.