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"I am a nature enthusiast. It pains me to see that many of our wild places are vanishing rapidly. Clear waters are becoming murkier, rubbish is finding its way to the remotest and cleanest places, forests are being cut and the air is becoming dirtier to breath. Fish and game are fighting for survival. I fear that this is becoming our legacy. Will there be anything left for our children to paint and portray of real beauty? Appreciation and Conservation of nature is the theme I follow to express my love for the untamed nature. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Born in 1972 in Abbottabad Pakistan Kamran Qureshi developed interest in nature and wildlife when he was child. The inspiration came from the beauty and diversity of natural places around his hometown. By education he is a biologist.

Currently he is working with corporate sector in a consumer goods organisation. Wildlife and nature art is his hobby combined with his passion of love of nature. He was involved in driving numerous environmental and sustainability projects as part of his job. He has done a few exhibitions of his artwork inside his country as well as virtual art tours in closed circles.

His artworks pledge a certain commitment towards betterment of the environment. He also accepts commissioned artwork.

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