Serengeti Son

Serengeti Son | Wallhanging by Kim Chase | Artists for Conservation

Serengeti Son

24.00" H x 24.00" W
Acrylic (layers of acrylic glazes on canvas)
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Artist will donate 15% to African Conservation Foundation from sale of this work.
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$2,200 USD

In this piece, I endeavor to capture the essence of Africa's majestic feline, illuminated by the intense rays of the sun against a backdrop of dusty plains. Through a warm palette and evocative setting, I aim to recreate the atmospheric intensity of the African landscape, where the scorching sun casts a golden glow upon the earth.

As the embodiment of strength and resilience, the lion of the Serengeti stands steadfast amidst the sweltering heat, exuding an aura of calm and confidence. Despite the languid pace of the day, his senses remain sharp, ever vigilant against potential threats to his pride.

Through this portrayal, I invite viewers to immerse themselves in the serenity and splendor of the African wilderness, where the lion reigns as king, symbolizing both the tranquility and the untamed power of the natural world.

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