Colin has been portraying the Canadian natural Grasslands region in his artwork since 2009 through his ongoing Grassland Series and will continue to do so for likely the rest of his life as he feels this is the place where his artistic heart belongs. Colin has been donating a portion of the sales made from original artwork in his Grassland Series to conservation organizations that have conservation projects going on within the Canadian Grasslands.

Colin decided to earn a diploma in Wildlife & Fisheries Conservation and a Bachelor of Science majoring in Environmental Sciences to learn more about the places and creatures he paints so much, and does his best to share it with the world through his artwork. Colin has worked as a wildlife technician on the Canadian grasslands and in the Canadian Arctic; he also has spent numerous hours volunteering in the conservation field to take on a more direct approach to supporting conservation efforts while continuously learning.

Conservation Projects & Causes

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The Grassland Series

In 2009 Colin fell in love with the Grasslands region of southern Alberta. It was then when he realized he would likely be spending much of his time painting this region and sharing it with the world. The Grasslands region is a fragile and vulnerable ecosystem containing many species at risk. Colin hopes to use his artwork in The Grassland Series to raise the awareness about this region and to support conservation efforts within the Grasslands. Through his work Colin also hopes to inspire others to utilize their unique abilities to make a positive difference in the world around them.