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"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.   - Albert Einstein "
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My art is an all-consuming passion that enables me to combine my two favourite pastimes – observing the wondrous diversity and beauty of nature and conveying these observations into art, through both painting and photography. Inspiration comes from a number of sources. My photography subjects - the animals that inhabit this planet, and the environments in which they live. My heroes - the passionate people and organizations who commit to ensuring a future world that includes wildlife in a natural state. And you - those of you who see my artwork and photography and find happiness in it. Traveling the world… from the mist-shrouded fjords of Norway to the wildlife-teeming estuaries of the Netherlands, the rookeries of Ireland and the spectacular rainforest ecosystem of British Columbia, I capture the image of a wild creature at a dynamic moment in time and try to imagine myself as this creature. What is the animal observing? What is it reacting to? How is it thriving or surviving in its environment? Each image I take or paint has a story to tell that only you, the observer, can answer. By capturing the essence of wildlife in its natural environment, I strive to show the magnificence and spirit of each animal in the hope that humans can find true balance with, and respect for, the precious diversity of nature. Through my art and photography, I want to draw attention to the plight of vulnerable animals and eco-systems and a portion of the proceeds will directly go to wonderful conservation programs. From photograph to the canvas, I spend many hours per painting project creating the fine, lifelike details that are the hallmark of my artistic style. Working in acrylic, I often use an extremely fine pencil-like point brush to get the feel and life-like qualities that will bring my subject to life. I see into the soul of the creatures that I paint and attempt to capture the intensity, authenticity, and vulnerability of each creature in its complex ecosystem. As each painting evolves, I continually step back to feel the emotion of the piece, the very emotions that will move an observer. And I like nothing more than watching the impact of my work on others.

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