Lynda Moffatt's Art, Celebrates Wildlife and its Natural surroundings. 
The artist is concerned with the experience of time spent outdoors, observing wildlife and the land in which it calls home.
She is inspired by the full sensory experience of this quality time and continues to work on her studies to share what she has learned in her online presence including her Website, Blog and YouTube channel to inspire and educate in this area.
The artists journeys, take her to places which have an abundance of nature, birds, flora and wildlife. 
Her interest in wildlife dates back to early childhood days spent on the family farm sketching with her father and continues with adventures with her husband Kevin who fully supports all her efforts and making the Trek up to Algonquin Highlands to continue this incredible art journey. Today, her work includes paintings of Moose, black bear, loons, barred owls, eagles, red tailed hawks, great blue herons, and martins along with many smaller migratory birds.

 She attempts to capture the changes observed in wildlife studied, the bird migration and the birds that return to this area emphasizing the differences and diversity of the region. While giving back to conservational programs to help sustain their survival. While helping to educate on how we can help in supplying minor necessities for these wonderful creatures looking to stop, eat and rest in our area.

The artist is currently offering Home Studio visits with Proof of Vaccination, Masked and Social Distancing. One family at a time of 2-3 persons is ideal with an appointment. You can see more of Lynda’s work at: and contact her with any art questions at:

All of Lynda’s work is painted from her in person, nature visits and live seen subjects. Reference material in her studio come from her own photos. All copywritten, material in pictures, videos and stories. No use of these without written permission.