Lynda is a Co-Author in the Best Selling Book - Pursuit365!

Lynda Moffatt is a Visual Artist Celebrating Wildlife and the environment they call home! She has a home studio in Southern, Ontario.

Fun Facts!

She was an avid boater & scuba diver. Documenting to scale, shipwrecks with Bowling Green State University, underwater Archaeology for The Wisconsin Shipwreck Museum. These drawings are documented in the U.S. History books. Cool, stuff!

The Artist was Juried into International Artist of the year, winning an online residency from 2020-21. Juried into Gallery Exhibits, winning awards, making some great connections while acquiring wonderful collectors, supporters and friends.

“I had a dream, that this is what I was meant to do. Didn’t know how, only knew it would happen.

The world could seem to be crashing down, like when I was moving back to Canada over Sept. 11th, 2001 from the states. What saved me, through all the turmoil? There it was again! Art!

I kept plugging along at those difficult daily tasks like it was meant to be. Believing in myself!

Even, living through these times of Covid-19, Art became my therapy through. Maybe that’s what it’s all about. Taking care of yourself, with what you know will nurture your soul. Having a great belief system and a few angels coming to my rescue when needed, really helped!

The art journey prevailed even when other journeys didn’t. It’s the true journey, I am meant to be on. “

The artist & her husband Kevin have enjoyed some very close encounters & know, these must have taken place for a reason. Through visual stories, this journey is shared to Beautify & add more Love for the betterment of society.

While adding interest, knowledge and support to help sustain our national treasures, through conservation areas and parks.

Lynda believes, this worthwhile work needs to be done. If we keep learning, teaching & sharing, she believes we have done what we are meant to do!

The future will be that much better because we cared!

If Lynda leaves you with anything, its to please remember to listen to your inner voice and keep true to your beliefs. You are certainly here for a reason!