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"As a Visual Artist, my goal is to Celebrate Wildlife & their natural environment. While capturing the character of these incredible creatures. Glorious, migrations  happen each spring & fall in our local area & we are out and about observing. Making the trek & traveling, throughout Northern Ontario, Canada, creating paintings that bring you into this vast land & it’s many diversities. Including, the innocence of the wildlife & all the glorious plants & trees that thrive within this beautiful area. I invite you to spend some time to explore these paintings & find the colours, depth & textures used to create them. My hope is that you too enjoy the experience, these paintings unfold, while becoming aware of their importance
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     Currently painting a series of memorable moments inspired by the bird migration in our local area here in Southern, Ontario. This series, includes the re-entry of so many, remarkable species including Eagles, Swans, Herons, Egrets, Owls & many more species that call Southern Ontario their home or migratory home. 

 We are centrally located between 2 Great Lakes, lots of bays and tons of water in between. It is an experience to be desired as part of the Carolinian Forests running through the Marsh Wetlands with all the glorious wildlife and flora that call it home. Exploring around Erieau, Rondeau and Point Pelee Parks armed with our cameras, binoculars and sketchpads. Off we go to see what the day will bring. So many times, we are delighted with that which was unexpected and an amazing sight! This we share with you in paintings, stories and videos. Birders come from all over the world to see these amazing creatures that visit this wonderful area. The Migratory birds, stop and call it home for refuge. 

Our travels up to Algonquin Park each year continues the Magnificent Wildlife Series! One of these paintings is pictured here, with me standing next to Majestic. One of the Bull Moose we have had the pleasure of observing in the wild!

We have many stories to tell, videos to share and paintings to inspire to help sustain these wonderful animals and their home.

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