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"Part of my creative process is to immerse myself in the species I am painting.  I will research, read and view documentaries or films. Whatever is required to feel and convey the essence of the animal in my art. I want to inspire viewers and collectors of my art to be passionate about wildlife conservation. Nothing is more exciting than to experience an animal emerging on your canvas. Then viewers of the artwork being moved by the art, typically remarking most about the eyes of the animals. I admit to eyes being my favorite part of a painting.  "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

To say animals have always been important to me is an understatement. I adore animals and hold them dear. That is why they appear in my art. I plan to educate myself on wildlife conservation and in turn share what I learn so that my family, friends, social media followers and collectors all can be intelligent and informed when it comes to conservation. Animals, conservation of species and habitats and art have evolved into my purpose in life.  

I also am a long-time volunteer for a local domestic rabbit rescue. I share my home with four domestic rabbits and several foster rabbits that come and go as they get adopted.  I support many domestic animal rescues/sanctuaries as well as wildlife sanctuaries.

After a career in marketing, advertising and now Information Technology, I am finally devoting my life to my art. Attending Herron School of Art 28 years ago was the highlight of my life but a “practical” career beckoned. Now that my station in life is allowing, I am finally getting back to creating art.

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