Elizabeth Mordensky is a Oregon based contemporary wildlife artist who aims to capture the spirit and character of her wild subjects. Having grown up in Virginia, she was drawn to the wild spaces of the west at a young age, and made it her life's mission to both explore the outdoors and work to protect the wild places she loves. Mordensky is a mainly self-taught artist who is always pushing herself to capture her subjects in a new way. She uses the unique technique of finger painting with oils to give her pieces texture and movement. Her knowledge and inspiration comes from her years working as a wildlife guide in Yellowstone National Park, where she observed and photographed wildlife in the field on a daily basis.

Mordensky hopes to inspire an even greater love for wildlife through her paintings and encourage people to support the conservation of the world's wild species and spaces. Her work has been collected around the world and has shown in venues such as the National Museum of Wildlife Art and the National Buffalo Museum.