In the silence of the desert

In the silence of the desert | Wallhanging by benaissa youcef-art | Artists for Conservation

In the silence of the desert

100.00cm H x 100.00cm W
Camel animal and travel in the desert
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Vous êtes nombreux à vouloir en savoir plus sur cet animal emblématique en
L'espèce communément appelée chameau est originaire d'Asie, tandis que le dromadaire vient d'Afrique, et est aussi appelé chameau d'Arabie (Camelus dromedarius).

Filled with fat, the hump allows the camel to travel long distances without having to drink and eat. It is a kind of reserve. The camel is able to travel 60 km per day using only its fat reserve. If the camel has not been fed for a long time, its hump can be seen to fall to the side, as the energy store is running out.
The dromedary is adapted to the climate of the hot deserts (Sahara, Arabian peninsula, etc.), while the camel lives in the colder deserts of Asia (Mongolia and China). The camel therefore needs a lot more energy because it has to deal with hot and cold, which is why it has two humps on it. In addition, initially the dromedary also had two humps, but they merged during evolution. Incredible, right?
He has thick, strong lips that allow him to eat thorny plants without hurting himself.
The camel has a wide, springy foot without a shoe, perfectly suited for walking in the sand.
Males drool a lot during the breeding season, which is how they charm females.
The female gives birth to a single young and gestation lasts 15 months.
The camel already existed in the Horn of Africa during prehistoric times and teeth have been found in Ethiopia as well as paintings in Somalia and Djibouti.

camel and water

The camel resists harsh heat much better than other animals, because it has the amazing ability to conserve water, in several ways:

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