Elephant leader

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Elephant leader

35.00cm H x 30.00cm W
Oil (animal art)
Year Completed:
Elephant leader
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The Elephants do career planning and on-the-job training and have a new, experienced leader on hand when something happens to the current matriarch. We call it; “Elephant Importance Leadership” and this way of leading herd members through the use of importance is an inspiring example for us when leading a business team, sports team or any other team. in a company, organization or school. When we have a skill or knowledge that is important to any business process or job task. Elephants remind us that skills and knowledge are only effective and efficient in the long term when they are shared.

An elephant matriarch will show by leading through "Leadership the Importance of Elephants" that every member of the team is valued and will teach other elephants how to find water, where to go for the best nutrients and what to do. to protect the herd in case of threat. Surprisingly, it doesn't stop there. Elephants, male and female, show (often synchronized) moments of stillness where they all stop simultaneously with what they are busy accompanying sometimes with their trunks raised to sniff the air. They listen, smell and look around using their senses fully at these times to become aware of each other, their surroundings, the activities and the direction of the herd. Being around these magnificent animals at this time gives you a glimpse of their awareness, calmness and great determination.

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